vR3 City
Lifestyle meets smart urban mobility!

vR3 City, the lifestyle electric vehicle

Stylish, practical, environmentally friendly

Your new vR3 City fits in perfectly with your urban lifestyle. The exceptional design makes the electric bike a real eye-catcher. Cruise through the city with the latest innovative technology and experience the combination of safe riding and lots of riding pleasure.

Maximum riding safety thanks to three wheels. Overcome the drawbacks of a city, no matter what type of weather makes the road slippy. Safe braking without the risk of falling. – Thanks to our safe stop system your feet remain on the side step when stationary. A smart parking system means safe and secure positioning – fully automatically!

Key info: Single seater, maximum 45 km/h, A1 driver's licence required – two electric motors, each with 2 Kw power, single-wheel drive for maximum safety and riding dynamics, 3 disc brakes, up to 130 km range, turning circle below 4.5 metres, 18 cm ground clearance and climbing performance of 25%.

Design meets technology! The innovative tilting technology ensures an unbeatable feeling with maximum riding safety at the same time.  80 cm track width guarantees stable conditions, but still fits in (almost) every narrow parking space. Thanks to E-Power you win every start from the traffic lights – but only if you want...

Emissions-free through the city. State-of-the-art, sophisticated battery technology, up to 130 km range. All necessary components, even the powerful battery charger, are stowed safety in the vehicle. All that is needed to charge the vehicle is a standard cable and household socket with 230 V.

Technical Information

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